Venus Awakes

As night falls in the setting day,
Venus awakes
And waltzes over the Milky Way
Until the day breaks.

The stars hand in hand as she takes my heart
To the heavenly dance.
My heart hand in hand with the stars to take part
In that celestial romance.


Ma Chérie, We Cannot Be

Ma chérie,
You touch so many hearts,
And so many touch yours.
But if love is when hearts intertwine,
Ma chérie, yours and mine
Cannot be.

Ma chérie,
Your eyes shine like the stars
Whose sister you must be.
But I am far from the stars above,
Ma chérie, so our love
Cannot be.

So we consign our romance to die.
Ma chérie, say goodbye.
We cannot be.

“Une Rose En Lego”

“So romantic, my dear! Behold the Lego Rose!
Notice, dear, how it
Out of the chaos grows!
Carefully crafted by the hand of God
From the stem to the petals.”

“Romantic, yes, except that the rose
By a different name would smell sweeter.
It looks fine, yes, except I suppose
You should call it ‘une rose en Lego.'”

Thus I adopted that pathetic name.
Pathetic. That is, full of pathos.
But regardless the name, the rose smelled the same,
The romantic, pathetic piece of plastic,
“Une rose en Lego.”