Wondrous it must be to live in the pink,
To live in fullest vigor, fullest health.
Then there’d be no fetters from joy to wealth,
And between love and riches be no link.

Divine it must be to live in the pink,
For coral colored lips and cheek to glow.
If the fountain of youth ever did flow,
My cheek would be pink as that nectar drink.

Blissful it must be to live in the pink,
By the creed of joy, the creed of love true.
An instant of pink without trace of blue,
Not a fraction I would waste of that blink.

Summer Days

O slow summer days
The sun’s rays
Shine and shine longer and longer.

O slow summer sun
Warms the summer body but
Cools the summer heart.

The heart beats slower in
The warm summer air.
The heart goes colder when
The summer rays glare.
The fire inside dies in
The slow summer heat.
The fire will revive when
The first frost I greet.

O long summer days
The passions, like the nights, wane
In long summer days.